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April 19, 2006

Jeff Tournament of Jeffs Round 4

What the Jeff?

If Rodan's first name was Jeff, I've made a horrible error in not including him in the tournament.

Today's conflict pits owner of the Florida Marlins and Art Dealer Jeffrey Loria against NWA:TNA professional wrestler Jeff Hardy

Less likely to no-show a PPV: Loria
Has lost in the first round of "Fear Factor": Hardy
Has been a defendant in an Anti-Trust lawsuit: Loria
Innovator of the "swanton bomb": Hardy
More in control of his mental faculties: Loria
Would win a Ladder match between the two: Hardy
Would win a race up the corporate ladder: Loria
More clean living: Hardy
Can dye hair green like a Hardy
Can be seen from space at night-time due to flourecent face paint: Hardy

Hardy wins Round 4 6-4

The semis are set: Gordon vs. Beck, and Hardy vs. Foxworthy

Stay tuned!

April 18, 2006

Jeff Tournament of Jeffs Round 3

Jeff with a Vengence

Today's competition pits Comedian Jeff Foxworthy against Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Forward Jeff Friesen.

More Stanley Cup Rings: Friesen
Saves on x-mas cards by sending combined father/grandpa card to 1 guy: Foxworthy
Walking NASCAR Encyclopedia: Foxworthy
Plays to bigger crowds: Friesen
Had own sitcom: Foxworthy
Gun Rack Has A Gun Rack: Foxworthy
Gets Better Reactions In LA: Friesen
Gets Better Reactions in Mobile: Foxworthy
Has written books despite illiteracy: Foxworthy
Still Has a career: Friesen

Damn Redneck Foxworthy wins 6-4

stay tuned for Round 4

April 17, 2006

Jeff Tournament of Jeffs Round 2


If only E. Honda was named Jeff Honda, we'd have a clear winner

Round 2

Actor Jeff Bridges vs. Blues Guitarist Jeff Beck

Never Been Replaced by Jimmy Page: Bridges
Not a Pothead: Beck
Been In More Movies: Bridges
Sold More Albums: Beck
Played Onstage With Muddy Waters: Beck
Played "The Dude" in the Big Lebowski: Bridges
More Famous Dad: Bridges
Replaced Eric Clapton: Beck
Sold out MSG: Beck
Sold out to studio to do "Blown Away": Bridges

Uh-oh tie. We need a tiebreaker, and here it is:

Better Hair: Beck

Jeff Beck wins round 2 in a squeaker.

Stay tuned for round 3