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April 12, 2006

The Gentle Jeffdom Presents The Jeff Tournament of Jeffs

Who is the best famous Jeff?

We'll find out in this Who's Better tournament.

Round 1

NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon Vs. Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Repeated the 8th Grade the least number of times: Dahmer
Never had sex with severed body parts: Gordon
Has not lured teenages into his apartment for rape/murder: Gordon
Faster Driver: Gordon
Most Press Coverage: Dahmer
Never been murdered: Gordon
Smarter When both alive: Dahmer
Smarter Now: Gordon
Most Endorsement Deals: Gordon
Best Stock Portfolio: Gordon

Jeff Gordon wins first round easily, 7-3.

Stay tuned for round 2

April 11, 2006

What You Gonna Do Wit All That Junk?

5 Best NES games:

Nobunaga's Ambition
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

Honorable Mention goes to Commando, Super Mario Bros 2, Baseball Stars and Blades of Steel.