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May 02, 2006

Jeff Tournament of Jeffs Final

It all comes down to this

The final of the Jeff Tournament of Jeffs pits Blues Guitarist Jeff Beck against NWA:TNA Superstar Jeff Hardy.

Has blood feud with Jimmy Page: Beck
Has Blood feud with Gary Coleman: Hardy
Doesn't have to juice to do his job: Beck
Spends a lot of time at Juice bars: Hardy
Better known around the world: Beck
Better known in Nebraska: Hardy
Worked with blues greats: Beck
Worked til black and blue: Hardy
Will actually show up to an advertised appearance: Beck
No longer has Chiggers: Beck

Your winner and the new Best famous Jeff of all time:

Blues guitarist Jeff Beck

He wins the Vice Presidency of the Gentle Jeffdom, plus a lifetime supply of Scotch Guard.

Congratulations Jeff Beck!


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