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April 25, 2006

Jeff Tournament of Jeffs Round 5

The Jeffpire Strikes Back

Ooooooh Semi-Final time

Semi-Final #1 pits NASCAR Racer Jeff Gordon against Blues Guitarist, Jeff Beck.

Contracted fewer STDs: Gordon
Contracted fewer STDs from immediate family members: Beck
Last name also a beer: Beck
Last name also a character on Sesame Street: Gordon
More points left on driver's license: Beck
Less likely to experience "helmet head":Beck
Endorses UAP NAPA: Gordon
Least knuckle hair: Beck
Played in the Yardbirds: Beck
Shoots his yard birds: Gordon

We have our first finalist, Blues Guitarist Jeff Beck, as he defeats NASCAR Racer Jeff Gordon.

Stay Tuned for Semi-Final #2 as Comedian Jeff Foxworthy takes on NWA:TNA Superstar Jeff Hardy


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