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April 28, 2006

Candy is Sweet

The Jeff Tournament of Jeffs final will take place early next week.

For today here's a list of my top 5 candies of all time:

5. Jelly tots: Rock sugar covering drops of fruit flavoured Jelly, no longer available, but a childhood favorite.

4. Clodhoppers: Stupid damn Nova Scotia original candy is too damned addictive.

3. Brownie Bear Cookies: These are English chocolate covered digestive biscuits. I don't know what makes them better than the Canadian version, but they are.

2. Chipoppities: Mini chocolate chip cookies sold as a candy bar. They haven't been available for nigh on 20 years, but mini Chips Ahoy! are no substitute.

1. King Size Kit Kat Bars: I have a serious issue with these, as if I buy one, it must be eaten right away, I can't even get the damn thing home. Hence why I buy them so rarely.


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