At Your Own Risk

Cherry Coke Is Hardcore.

February 14, 2006


I hate snow.

Seriously, since I had my car accident because of it, snow has been my enemy. So, how elese do you deal with an enemy but writing a free form poem about it.

Clean and white, yet so dirty
Like the priest who has a secret addiction to MacIntosh's toffee
Almost sacreligious

When the first flake of the year hits the ground
The eyes of children twinkle with delight
So do the eyes of my chiropractor

Does the snow know that I have a three car driveway?
Of course it does
It finds that funny
And mocks me
By dumping itsself all over that driveway
And burying all three cars
Except a small area around one of them
Stupid piece of crap and its gas leak

Snow causes me to smoke
Not because I don't know that smoking is bad for me
Or because snow is stressful
But because I'm postive
The cigarettes won't get a chance to kill me
That's the snow's job

Whether it be by car accident or heart attack
I do not know
What the hell do I care?
Either way I'm permanently as cold
As snow.


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