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February 09, 2006

The Ideal Job

The following is a list of what I perceive to be the best jobs in the world

1. Test Audience Member for hilarious Cartoons: Getting paid to laugh and urinate in my pants all day would be a dream come true.

2. Professional Ninja: Ninjas have gotten a bad rap lately, but I know that I could eat pizza and beat up rhinos and warthogs with the best of them.

3. Girl Drink Drunk: Sure, It causes you to be homeless, but who cares when you have a soothing Chocolate Choo Choo, or Tequila Sunrise.

4. President of the United States: If I were president, I'd wage war on Burkina Faso. Then there would be no casualties.

5. Vaudeville Piano Player: My piano playing would disctract audiences from performer's debilitating injuries, bringing happiness to all........except those with debilitating injuries.


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