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February 21, 2006

20 Questions For President George W Bush

1. Why are you the greatest President ever?

2. Crew cut sweat socks, or tube socks?

3. Why does being a male cheerleader make you more manly than being an offensive tackle?

4. What's it like to serve in the military?

5. Luxembourg or Monaco, which country is gayer?

6. Finish this sentance: "The Night Chicago Died" is the greatest song ever because....

7. Why don't the people of New Orleans stop whining about FEMA and help themselves?

8. Why is it that you would so easily beat Heavyweight Champion of the World Nikolai Valuev in a fight?

9. Could you break down for the people at home how you single-handedly ended the cold war and averted a nuclear disaster?

10. Where did you learn how to BBQ such a great burger?

11. Do you know Gorbachev personally, and, if so, what's the deal with that red bird dropping on his communist head?

12. Your Dad's an Astros fan. You're the former owner of the Rangers. Why do the Mets always suck, no matter how many star players they sign?

13. Is Ted Turner know?

14. Steak and baked potato, or pure uncut Columbian blow?

15. In two words or less, explain why "our god" is better than "their god"?

16. Finish this song lyric "Baby, if you've ever wondered. Wondered whatever became of me. I'm livin' on the air in Cincinati.....blank"

17. Which is more dangerous, allowing nail clippers on a commercial flight, or quail hunting with the Vice President?

18. When can Gary Coleman expect his "Greatest American Ever" award?

19. For our slower witted friends out there could you explain the phrase "Guns good, Peace Bad" in depth.

20. How can Wall-Mart afford to sell things so cheaply? I mean $20 for a pair of leather shoes? That's SO awesome.


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