At Your Own Risk

Cherry Coke Is Hardcore.

August 11, 2005


I said roff, but I meant roof. You win this round Crunch.........

An Open Letter to Cap'n Crunch

Dear Cap'n Crunch

Your cereal does too cut the roof of my mouth, you sick bastard.



August 08, 2005

Ideas for new reality shows

Don't look's an audit: A show where schoolteachers and clergymen are mercilessly audited by the IRS to expose them as tax cheats.

Da Shiznitz: Contestants eat tacos until they have to go to the bathroom, biggest bowel movement wins......more tacos.

The assistant......janitor: Illegal immigrants from 12 different countries compete to see who gets to clean up high school kids vomit, caused by drinking scope.

Twinkie!: 12 men sit without food in a cabin in the arctic for days on end. Then a twinkie is thrown in. First one to eat the twinkie wins 1 million dollars. Other 11 contestants win........death.

That's it for now.