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October 15, 2005

Things That Bother Me

Damn crows make too much damn noise. Why can't you crows be more like fire hydrants? All silent and urinated on.....

The fact that there are no decent sitcoms on TV anymore. Some people think we've had enough Chris Elliot. I don't.

The fact that impatient narcissists have probably stopped reading by now because they were impatiantly waiting to be mentioned.

The "Milk Rap"

That beer commercial that has hockey fans singing "Flashdance". What the hell does dancing have to do with hockey?

Everyone who lives in Idaho. You know, there are types of food other than potatoes.

People who can't pronounce the letter "S". It's the most common sound in the english language. Maybe we should make Stop signs read "Thtop" just to accomidate you.

Disney movies. You know, Mickey's gay. Seriously. I saw him and Goofy holding hands. It was very.....creepy.

Donald damn trump.

The following types of music: Emo, Rap, Country, R&B, Pop, NuMetal, House, Techno.

The lack of more House Party movies.

Network TV

Lacrosse. Lacrosse? What the hell kind of sport is that? It combines hockey with basket weaving.

The damn, dirty Montreal Canadiens.

Guys with Einstein hair.


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