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September 07, 2005

No Mo Jericho

According to his website, Y2J has quit wrestling. The Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla will grace the RAW stage no longer. Leaving the roster pretty damned thin. What RAW needs is some new blood, new angles, some ideas:

Pete Rose comes back as a manager, of, say, Rene Dupree, whom he secretly bets against in every match.

Out of work "All Creatures Great and Small" star Peter Davison comes back to reprise the Slick/Kamala angle with the slogan "You are an (english) man."

Tony Atlas feuds with John Cena for the Title, "John Cena, I like to drink steaming hot coffee when I watch your matches, I hope you like steaming hot coffee". This is great for the following conversation. Ross: Oh my god! You can see the steam rising from his head Coach: No, it's not, it's clearly cold coffee. Ross: (pauses) Sooners rule!

Gary Coleman feuds with Kerwin white. If only for the nutsack shot.


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