At Your Own Risk

Cherry Coke Is Hardcore.

August 29, 2005

Random Thoughts

Why don't policemen have a standard issue ration doughnut? They should all be forced to take the same, say....Boston Lemon. That would avert a number of intra-police force gun battles over whose doughnut was better. If that was the case two years ago, I wouldn't have been shot in the leg by a stray bullet steeming from a dispute between two policemen about crullers.

Why is Cap'n Crunch such a jerk? Does it make him happy to make me bleed? I'll bet it does, because he's a stupid jerk.

Can Mr. T go out for a cup of coffee without someone commenting on how they thought he only drank tea? His beverage selection, in public anyway is governed by his name. And poor Mrs. T married into it.

Why do some people have more pairs of shoes than there are days in the year. I propose that they have formed an unholy alliance with a subterranian race of people who have 366 legs. Outside of that they all look exactly like Bob Denver. Surprisingly, they all hate Gilliagan's Island.

That's it for tonight.


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