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Cherry Coke Is Hardcore.

June 29, 2005

Wow, six years since I've written an internet column. I wish I could say a lot has happened in that time, but I don't really remember it, I really don't! Just some thoughts on random subjects:

World's worst pickup line - Hey, baby, I have the AIDS.

You shouldn't throw babies from a moving's wrong.

Why don't they make SKOAL flavoured Skittles?

Ten years ago Kriss kross would make you jump, jump. Now they'll make you fries, fries. Warm it up Kriss!

Effort is too much work.

The world would be a better place if people were more like ducks. Except there'd be crap everywhere

Don't drink and drive or you'll go to jail......unless you're Ted Kennedy.

Can the Aflac duck say anything else? Like hey, where's my paycheque. Because if he can't, I would totally not pay him.

How the hell can you chicken fry steak. Is the chicken the skillet or what? I don't want any steak with feathers on it.

Maybe not he best I've ever written, but hey! it's been six years. I can only go up from here. I'm still no wiggie-ns.

Til next time.


  • At 12:56 a.m., Blogger wiggie said…

    Mmm...delicious chicken fried skoal.

    I bet steak fried chicken would blow some guy's mind.


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